About the Artist

Ralf Klimmeck has not forgotten how to be amazed, as we can clearly see from his vibrant paintings. He takes what his senses absorb and wraps it in humour and a passion for life with which he then transforms it into art. His paintings reflect life’s rich and diverse tapestry with a playful, experimental touch and an eye for narrative details.

Ideas and Inspiration

Ralf Klimmeck is unwilling to be pinned down stylistically. His curiosity is too great and his artistic freedom is too dear to allow for limitations in choosing how he expresses himself artistically. Ralf’s approach is intentionally heterogeneous, at once reflecting the artistic leeway and freedom he has won through a diverse range of differentiation processes.

Ralf finds his greatest inspiration in pop art, street art and tattoo art, and he is equally a great fan of the “old masters”. He particularly enjoys taking popular image motifs and redefining them through his own eyes.

History and Background

Ralf Klimmeck’s artistic ease is surely at least in part a product of his upbringing. As a young child he was already travelling the world with his parents and experiencing foreign cultures. He views life as an adventure and accepts its ups and downs as opportunities for personal growth. His openness, curiosity and willingness to take risks enable him to accept and embrace different lifestyles and outlooks.

In all of this, Ralf has always followed his own instincts and pursued his aims with passion and consistency. Courageously following one’s own path is Ralf Klimmeck’s concept of a free, self-determined life.

Artistic Vision

Ralf Klimmeck’s pictorial wit, the luminous colours of his paintings and the tangible presence and dynamics of his motifs bear eloquent witness to his positive attitude toward life. Ralf’s artistic vision is to make himself and others happy and to spread joy all around.

Ralf Klimmeck’s pictures are therefore not simply reflections of his own journey through the (art) world. They are also messages to the world, encouraging us to choose our own path joyfully with a keen sense of curiosity. He explains, “I enjoy living in the moment! That’s what I want to convey in my pictures”.

Dr. Stefanie Lucci, March 2014